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Roma day 3.5

Day 3.5 in Roma. 12K in 9 hours including drinks and food 🙂

Roma – day 2.5

Today was about colosseums, foro romano and wedding cake. Another 15,5KM later and culturally richer. onto day 3

Roma – day1.5

After an Alitalia flight to Fiumicino (UGGHHH) and a train ride to Roma termini (YAAAY!).. Our first day in Rome, spent mostly in vatican city – duh – First up.. LUNCH! Then Catholicism’s greatest hits. Walked about 15KM today. So ended the day with a pizza (more duh) and wine (even more duhhhh).


Harabaduwa turtles!

went here: (pics to follow)


On friday morning we went to CMB IAP. The taxi driver wanted to drop us at the departures entrance…  but our goal was the ‘domestic terminal’. I’m using quotes because it isn’t a terminal. It’s a nicely decorated building on the military part of the airport. Domestic flights in Sri Lanka aren’t a well known… Read more »