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I have the distinct impression I’ve forgotten about a few things. But no matter.. We’re in Nelson. And since we’re not staying here forever we needed to get a car. In the last 5 years we’ve always had cars from Ace Rentals and try to avoid anything else. Sadly though, there’s no Ace in Nelson. Soooowww…… Read more »

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Flying Devonport hobbits

Let’s just say this time around in Aotearoa has been more holiday than any of the other times we’ve been here… Instead of relatively rushing from spot to spot we’ve been hanging out a lot. Not doing much and living life at a very low pace. So tuesday wasn’t about much else than going to… Read more »


I can’t see any point beating around the bush here. Let’s just call it Pretty F’in Awesome Monday in Auckland. Catchy eh? It all started with getting up on monday morning. Sounds Pretty F’in Annoying In Auckland but it wasn’t too bad. We had an early start giving us enough time to do the coffee… Read more »

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Saturday’s boat day. (universal law yeah?!) This is where we went.. this is what it looked like.. I’ll add some stills later (since youtube seems to have botched the video a bit) [edit] Rangitoto is one of many volcanos in and around Auckland. this one erupted last about 600 years ago raising rangitoto from the… Read more »

Harbour tour

  This is our hostel. I’m not certain I’d have picked it if I knew what it looked like before we booked a room. I’m sure I wouldn’t have would I’ve know a huge Danish group and (worse) a huge American group was going to stay there as well. Anyhow..  we did. Leaving tomorrow for… Read more »


Some people go to AKL to see these type of spots. I guess for the sake of seeing them.   Been there, done that.. We spent our first day (wednesday) in Zillund forgetting about the lack of ozone layer.. Bad ass sunburn. Looks nasty but it’s like diving in the deep end. effin awesome 🙂… Read more »


Alright.. we’re here! We’ve just woken up from a first good bit of sleep after having been up two days. So don’t expect too much. But here’s the history of us from sunday CEST to yesterday evening NZST. Sunday, after a quick trip to AMS, checking in our backpacks and realising we were actually getting on… Read more »

Take Off!

So, .. I’ve decided to change over to english. Some of the two people reading this are native english speakers and probably have no clue about our odd little language. Anyhow.. Don’t expect any literary masterpiece. Just the ultimate guide to .nu and Zillund.