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Harabaduwa turtles!

went here: (pics to follow)


On friday morning we went to CMB IAP. The taxi driver wanted to drop us at the departures entrance…  but our goal was the ‘domestic terminal’. I’m using quotes because it isn’t a terminal. It’s a nicely decorated building on the military part of the airport. Domestic flights in Sri Lanka aren’t a well known… Read more »


Here’s the view from our Colombo hostel. pretty slummy eh? Anyhow. The second full day in Colombo we did more or less the same as the first. After a talk wih the hostel manager we sort of figured we’d seen most there was to see north of where we were staying. So the second day… Read more »

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So this time around we didn’t end up in inzit. Just a short heads up eh..

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Here in Uppsala the morning (01-jun-2015) started out like this. Good breakfast, but depressing weather beyond the windows of the hotel. ..which looks like this: The weather cleared up around noon. Nice’ish sunny 16C or so. So I decided to have a look around town. Uppsala is small’ish. but absolutely pretty. And practical. See that… Read more »