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Last days

Alright. So we’ve been back in old zealand longer than we’ve spent in new zealand. Time to finish up. SUNDAY! After we got back to AKL airport we routinely hopped onto the airport bus and hauled our backpacks to the YHA city hostel. Dumped all our crap and got dinner. AKL feels very familiar. And… Read more »

Niue! (updated)

Note. This is all pretty much from memory and off the top of my head. Sorry for the on-and-on type text. Just wanted to get this online before we go back to NL in another day… So.. On sunday 01-mar waking up felt like the good old days. Getting up at 4am to check in… Read more »

Mountains and Alexandra

Right.. so we drove up mt John the next morning. Nice steep drive. Excellent excercise for 1st and second* gear. (* does not apply to camper vans). Parked grellow around back behind the chemical toilets   And had a look around. (there’s nothing else to do there). Mt John Observatory is one of those stargazing… Read more »

arthur’s kea pass tekapo

After waking up in arthurs we drove back a few kilometres to the pass’ viaduct.This is pretty much what that looks like. Looks pretty awesome right? What’s even more awesome about that spot is the amount of Kea there. This is a Kea [looking away) Beautiful green parrot-like birds with bright red feathers on the underside… Read more »

Tasman weka pancakes

Sorry for being a bit quiet these last few days. Other than a few comments on the twitter, we’ve been busy driving (avoiding jucy vans and chinese drivers). This was the route from monday to friday: But before that we had two days in and around Nelson. Nelson and Tasman So, let’s continue eh? We were… Read more »


I have the distinct impression I’ve forgotten about a few things. But no matter.. We’re in Nelson. And since we’re not staying here forever we needed to get a car. In the last 5 years we’ve always had cars from Ace Rentals and try to avoid anything else. Sadly though, there’s no Ace in Nelson. Soooowww…… Read more »

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Flying Devonport hobbits

Let’s just say this time around in Aotearoa has been more holiday than any of the other times we’ve been here… Instead of relatively rushing from spot to spot we’ve been hanging out a lot. Not doing much and living life at a very low pace. So tuesday wasn’t about much else than going to… Read more »


I can’t see any point beating around the bush here. Let’s just call it Pretty F’in Awesome Monday in Auckland. Catchy eh? It all started with getting up on monday morning. Sounds Pretty F’in Annoying In Auckland but it wasn’t too bad. We had an early start giving us enough time to do the coffee… Read more »

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Saturday’s boat day. (universal law yeah?!) This is where we went.. this is what it looked like.. I’ll add some stills later (since youtube seems to have botched the video a bit) [edit] Rangitoto is one of many volcanos in and around Auckland. this one erupted last about 600 years ago raising rangitoto from the… Read more »

Harbour tour

  This is our hostel. I’m not certain I’d have picked it if I knew what it looked like before we booked a room. I’m sure I wouldn’t have would I’ve know a huge Danish group and (worse) a huge American group was going to stay there as well. Anyhow..  we did. Leaving tomorrow for… Read more »