Center map

On friday morning we went to CMB IAP. The taxi driver wanted to drop us at the departures entrance…  but our goal was the ‘domestic terminal’. I’m using quotes because it isn’t a terminal. It’s a nicely decorated building on the military part of the airport.

Domestic flights in Sri Lanka aren’t a well known thing. They’re too expensive for locals and the service isn’t well known amongst the backpackers. It’s quite expensive compared to the bus or train.. but then again; who cares. It’s not about spending as little as possible. For us anyway.

So, our mode of transportation: the purple cesna 208b. The inside is.. amazing. Leather recliner seats. Wooden lining. amazing. Very decadent, but also very convenient.


On the way over to sigiriya we flew over Dambulla. A town everyine visits, but we wouldn’t.



After we landed on Sigiriya air force base (!) there was a bit of a thing where we got hustled for a few thousand rupees by the local cinnamon air coordinator. That made us give Cinnamon air a 0 star rating. But hen again..  if this guy wants to ruine an airline’s reputation over 30 euros.. pfff.. whatever eh?

Our drive over from the airbase to our Lodge was pretty scary… but when we reached the Lodge our moods swung around. Gangula Lodge is a family business and it’s simply excellent. Our room had a deck with a view of a small river and what looked like jungle. Including a family of monkeys who stole our bag of lime and chili peanuts. I hated monkeys before I got here. This hasn’t helped my opinion of the species in any way. EFFIN HATE MONKEYS….

IMGP3852 IMGP3863


Next morning we went for what we came for: The Lion’s Rock. If you want to know about that: Google and wikipedia are very helpful. Ask them. But this is what it looks like:


And this is what’s there to see:

IMGP3872 IMGP3893


BTW. If you’re on a 250M rock and there’s a fence at the ledge..  this sign is not only funny but  completely unnecessary.

IMGP3899 IMGP3901

And thrones are not for sitting. Well.. DUHHH.. everyone knows that.


One the way down we met this creature. I’m calling it Sam. And he WANTS YOU!


One of the things you’ll never miss out on here in Sri Lanka are buddhas. And all of them face sacred or interesting venues.

IMGP3923 IMGP3925

This one faces The Lion Rock.

Anyhow… been there done that. Rest of the day was nothing more than beer and a new bag of peanuts. Although we did meet a lovely ozzie couple. I didn’t know they existed but they apparently do. We went to dinner with them. Discussed our countries over a terrific rotti kothu and a few Lion Beers in one of the local restaurants. Said goodbye and went to sleep… because the next day was safari day!! YAAAAAAY…  go to the next post to check that out 🙂


Written by Michel en/of Corinde